Education. For Life.


who we are

Opportunity for everyone, everywhere.

Uno a Uno is about equality of opportunity, creating new possibilities in underserved communities through access to innovative and personalized education.


Help us open doors in Ecuador

Education opens eyes, minds and doors. Most of us wouldn’t be where we are, or who we are, without our education.

Now is your opportunity to open doors for others, helping fund innovative personalized education in underserved communities in Ecuador – starting with Cotacachi. 


Why ecuador?

From a development perspective, Ecuador is in a tricky situation. Relatively wealthy compared to many of its neighbours and other countries around the world, Ecuador is overlooked by the international community. But much of the country’s population lives in poverty, with 1.5 million Ecuadorians living in extreme poverty.

why cotacachi?

Cotacachi is a little town of around 9,000 people and sits in a valley 100 kms north of Quito. It’s also the home of the greatest concentration of Indigenous people in Ecuador and has the country’s lowest proficiency in English. This is where Uno a Uno's founders recognized the potential of the local people, and saw that education was the key to helping the people of Cotacachi break out of the cycle of poverty. 


Our Solutions

Uno a Uno focuses on innovative and personalized education using different techniques, many subjects, and a focus on problem solving skills. Our approach empowers students not just to learn, but to acquire the skills they need to break out of the cycle of poverty for themselves, their families, and their communities at large. It’s education. For life.